Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Million Pieces of Perfect Pop Culture

I came up with a new theory this morning that there are at least one million pieces of perfect pop culture. If you're saying to yourself "that can't be true," then 1. you shouldn't be talking to yourself while reading a blog and 2. you're probably defining "perfect" in a different way than I am.

The way I'm using "perfect" here is NOT in the dictionary usage. I know you're saying to yourself "but that's the correct way to use words," but at this point, I'm getting a little annoyed with your little internal self-conversation thing and I'm moving on. By perfect, what I mean is that, at the right moment, if you're in the right mood, these things can be perfect. Songs, albums, movies, items of clothing, food, TV episodes, comic books, or other pop culture artifacts. And I'm just talking about things that are in English or can appeal to someone who only speaks English (and isn't a douchebag. Non-douchebag English speakers can appreciate things that aren't in English).

Yes, I truly believe that there are at least a million of them. Whatever it is you like, there is so much more of it out there (and a lot of it is probably better than the things you DO like). I don't at all mean that in a judgmental way, I mean that in a "if you like X, you'll love Y" kind of way. There are millions of people (over the years) who have created millions of awesome things. And most of us don't know about most of them.

So I think I'm going to work on changing that part about most of us not knowing about most of them. Over the next million days or so, I'm going to post a series of those things, some well-known, others so obscure the people who made them don't even remember them. I'll post them here at the pCulture blog with some kind of explanation as to why I think they are perfect. Those explanations will be totally inconsistent and some of them will piss off some people. Who gives a fuck? This is about things that people might like. This is about saying "Hello, cynicism about the world and art and music, you're a douchebag who should go back to the Kappa House and talk about tits or something like that while the rest of us get happy and enjoy life outside of your dumbass mindset." Or something similar that can be said in fewer words. I don't do fewer words. I like words.

If YOU are interested in adding to the list of one million pieces of perfect pop culture, message me on Facebook or at and I'll add you to this blog and you can post whatever you like that adds to the list. No filters, no judgment, no censorship (well, unless you're a douchebag, but then I probably won't let you post anyway, so whatevs).

Entries in the series:

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