Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So I Think I Invented A New Kind of Music

So, I think I invented a new kind of music. It's called lyrical collage. First a bit on how I came up with it, then a description, then the first two songs that I've created in the genre.

My favorite form of visual art is collage. My apartment is a collage. I've done a ton of collage work in an old, repurposed atlas I have.

When I was working on songs for my second mixtape, I had an idea to do a song that would pay tribute to my 40 favorite hip hop artists, by taking a couplet from each one of them and mash them up into a new song, that would be a coherent whole and would not at all sound like the originals (although it would be true to their spirit), but would instead be in my style. The song was called "Top 40," and it really worked out well. I liked it a lot and I got good feedback on it.

A while later, I had the idea to do an entire mixtape of those type songs, each one based on a different genre of music. I started working on some of those songs and the first one I completed was called "Oi" and was based on punk rock. It turned out way better than I thought and, again, got good feedback. The song was coherent and had a great sound that I didn't even expect when I put the lyrics together. It made me love the style and committed me to doing more of the same. I'll still do original songs, but I'll continue doing these lyrical collages as tributes to the original artists/songs and as an example of the mash-up, remix culture that so dominates the Internet age.

Here are the two songs. (Follow the link to see the list of bands that make up each song).

"Oi," which is based on punk songs and has a political theme.

"Top 40," which is based on hip hop songs.

I have tons of other ideas related to this concept and while they aren't easy, they take significant research and rehearsal in order to get the sound right, they match up well with my skill set, so be on the lookout for a lot more. And, they also gave me ideas for my first two music videos, which will be based on these two songs.

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