Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lil' What?

So, hugely popular rapper Lil' Wayne spit a verse on a remix by a relatively new and unknown raper named Future that goes: "beat the pussy up like Emmett Till."

While Lil' Wayne hasn't spoken publicly about the line, which the record company has since deleted from the song, Future said that the song came from a good place and there weren't any bad intentions with the lyric. That's not the way some took it:

Weezy's lyric drew a response from Till's cousin Airickca Gordon-Taylor, who insisted the line be removed from the song, a request that has been answered by Future's label, Epic Records. In a statement released on Thursday, the Sony-distributed label said they will go through "great efforts" to remove the "unauthorized version" from the Internet and that a re-released version of the track will not include the line.

If you don't know who Emmett Till is, shame on you. Quit reading this and go watch the amazing PBS documentary on the 14-year-old boy whose brutal -- and unpunished -- murder was one of the catalysts for the civil rights movement. I'll wait.

Pretty fucked up, right? And Wayne, who doesn't seem, as far as I can tell, have a degree in history, doesn't seem to get it. I'm all for edgy rap lyrics (trust me, read my lyrics), but the whole point of hip hop is to serve as a voice for the voiceless and to tear down walls of ignorance and racism. This lyric undercuts all of that. Luckily for the world, a lot of people spoke out against this lyric on the basis of its disrespect of Till's sacrifice.

But why is that the only part of it that people are complaining about? The whole point of the line is that Wayne wants to do the same thing to a woman that those racist bastards did to Emmett Till. How is that okay on any level?

I get that Wayne is trying to show his sexual prowess and the size of his manhood. I get that. I understand this is what hardcore rappers tend to do. But they shouldn't. It makes no sense. Not only is it misogynistic and sexist, it makes no sense if you want to portray yourself as a master cocksman, either.

So the goal is to make sure everyone knows that you are really, really good with the ladies and that you have a big dick. How does "beating the pussy up" get that point across? How does it show that you are actually a "real" man?

I'm guessing that the average straight woman, while she might enjoy a large cock and might, under the right circumstances enjoy rough sex (although she might not), I'm guessing basically no women want their vagina to look like a beaten and murdered teenager afterwards. I know several women and none of them show any interest in such a thing. And I'm guessing that most women who were treated like that wouldn't want to be with that guy again in the future, they might even file charges against him. And they certainly would warn other women of his violent tendencies, right?

I would think that you would more want to project the image that you could please a woman more than other men. That you could do it gentle OR rough, whatever works for the woman and that you would leave her wanting more. Even if you were into one-night stands, you'd want her to at least tell her friends that you were so amazing that they would all want you, too.

And, of course, a real man doesn't have to prove he's a "real" man by proving that he's physically superior to women. First off, a real man wouldn't need validation of who he is from others, particularly others who think that physical violence against a woman is a good thing. Second, real men make the world a better place, particularly for those they like. Finally, a real man (if he's a straight man) is one who can attract and please women whether or not he has money or fame. How many women would be lining up to get with a poor unfamous Wayne who was brutalizing women and ignorant of history? I'm guessing not that many...

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